about me

When I was eight years old, my mother decided, that I should learn to play the piano – just because everyone of the family learned to play this instrument. So I did, I had to, no chance for me to say no. I couldn’t await my 16th birthday, because my mom promised, with sixteen I’ll be allowed to quit.
At least I turned sixteen, but meanwhile the piano and the music had become a part of mine. So I begged my mother for my piano lessons to be continued. She complied.
Along the next year I had three pointing the way experiences:
The first was founding a band. Already at the first rehearsal I realized, that making music with other musicians has to be a part of my life from now on.
Second was buying a record of John Lee Hooker, recordings from the 50ies, so my love to the blues found his origin.
At third I bought a Korg MS-20 Synthesizer, and my love to electronic music started to grow.
Two years later I finished High School. My big question was, if I should study music at a university. Unfortunatelly in the late 80ies there were just two opportunities – study classic music or study jazz. I tried to learn and to practice – but I failed. I couldn’t stand either classical music nor jazz at that age.
Instead I decided to study physics – I wasn’t too bad in this too.
At least I got my diploma in physics and again the question arised, how to go on, how to make my living, what should be my direction?
Just at that weired moment in my life my drummer mate Michael asked me, if I could give piano lessons at his music school.
I agreed, so I made up my mind to make my living from music. During the next years I was busy with gigging, teaching, composing.
In the late 90ies I met the british blues guitar player Mick Pini. He made me more or less a part of his band and during the next years I toured and recorded a lot with Mick as well as with the „Route 66 Allstars“, among them of course Mick, but also Jimmy Carl Black, Al Jones and Roy Herrington.
In 2003 my „Zurich-time“ started. Until 2007 I stayed a couple of months per year in Zurich, playing live each evening. I learned a lot in that time, about playing, about music, about musicians, about people… I don’t like to miss that time, but I’m definitely happy, that it’s over.
The year 2011 again brought two pointing the way decisions:
First I signed a contract with the label welovemusic, and so at least I found a way to release my own music properly.
Second was to become a dive instructor. Might sound strange in a musical context, but from that moment on I had the chance to travel a lot, while making some money, always having a little keyboard and my laptop with me. So my life – if I’m not at home – is diving or composing and producing.
So that’s what I’m still doing: playing live (no longer as much as in the early years), teaching piano, composing and arranging, producing music for TV (if there’s a chance to), and of course diving and travelling.
Maths and physics are still my hobby.
In 2019 I married my girl Katharina – finally, after being with her for 34 years.