…always looking forward…
April 2021
I haven’t been lazy during the last month. Two new Squibb songs will be released in May, „Exoplanet“ on May 5th, „Orbiter“ on May 31st. Presale dates are one week earlier, as usual.
Maybe these songs are the beginning of something new: My personal musical trip into science fiction. The songs still sound earth-made: They of course should sound like that.
I’m quite proud of the covers: It makes fun to let little things shine big.
And there’s another good news: My label „welovemusic“ built me an amazon music – site: Check it out here!
March 2021
My new song „Life On The Highway“ was released on March 15th. As usual you should find it in all common shops as well as on all streaming platforms. I’ll keep on searching my disk-drives…
On March 22nd I published a new piano arrangement: „When September Ends“ by Green Day. I actually don’t like that song. But years ago I heard a beautiful piano version of Green Day’s „Boulevard of Broken Dreams“, also not one of my favourite songs. It was arranged and performed by Martin Ermen, a German pianist and arranger. It blew me away that time! So I tried to do something similar with „When September Ends“ – and it works!
January 2021
I went through my disk drives, looking for old recordings. I found a real jewel: „Life On The Highway“. How could I forget this song? Now it will be released on March 15th, presale date is one week earlier. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

January 1st 2021
Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s hope the upcoming year will be a better one than 2020.
Two hands full of songs made me survive the last year:
Tom Schuman’s Schu’s Blues
Karen Tanaka’s Child Of Light
Michael Bublé’s Me And Mrs. Jones
Chilly Gonzales‘ Blizzard in B-Flat Minor
AnnenMayKantereit’s Barfuß am Klavier
Dennis Alexander’s Peaceful Peach
Dave Grusin’s Mitch & Abby
Richard Clayderman’s Ballad Pour Adeline
Oscar Peterson’s C-Jam Blues
AC/DC’s Thunderstruck
And I want to mention Nathalie Cole’s album „Unforgetable“, I listened to it during midnight.
Beside that, the new Squibb-song „Poison“ will be released on 1st of February.
You can already prelisten here. Go fot it!
December 2020
I wasn’t lazy during the last weeks. As already mentioned, my new song „Hexagon“ will be released on 22nd of December. Also I published two new piano arrangements, one for the „Pink Panther Theme“, the other one for „Ballade Pour Adeline“.
I didn’t mention by now, but I’m running a youtube-channel since eight years. From time to time I’m feeding it with piano-videos. Check it out! You’ll find a cool version of Tom Schuman’s (Spyro Gyra) „Schu’s Blues“ as well as the first youtube-cover-version of Chilly Gonzales‘ „Blizzard In B-Flat Minor“.

November 2020
There are still no gigs to play, still no chance to travel, fuck corona!. My little studio is my point of retreat. My new song „Hexagon“ will be released 22nd of December. It’s not a chilly song, it’s funky, it’s danceable, it makes my looking foreward!

November 2020
Check out Squibb Radio on Spotify! You’ll find of course my songs, as well as songs of other phantastic artist like Passalo, Murat Tugsuz, Greencastle Homer and many more.

August 2020
Here is my new song Homesick. Chill out, go for it!

June 2020
Corona really knocked out my creativity. But finally on July 28th the new Squibb Song „Homesick“ will be released.

December 2019
I made me some thoughts about Bruce Hornsby’s „The Way It Is“. So there is a piano arrangement available.
About that I’m happy.
Sorrowful I am about the death of my first piano teacher, Mrs Weinsheimer. She gave me more than she ever could have imagined. She was the one, who made me a musician and a piano player. I’ll never forget her. R.I.P.

September 2019
The new Mick Pini CD „Into The Distance“ is released. For more infos check Mick’s homepage.
July 2019
After eleven years „Diamond D. W.’s Tequila“ celebrated it’s reunion. For me, playing felt like coming home…
For impressions about the concert look at facebook.
July 2019
Yes! A new Mick Pini CD will be released somewhen next months.
June 2019
Now there is a page to prelisten to my album „pianics“: click here
June 2019
My first piano solo CD „pianics“ will be released on June 18th 2019. I hardly can’t await it…
Mai 2019
My new song „Tomini Trip“ is released. I wrote this song during my trip through Indonesia last winter. All the basic ideas, the inspiration, I encountered on the ship from Gorontalo to Wakai along the Tomini Bay. I finished the song on the Togean Islands, along the time there was electricity available.
August 2018
I recorded some new tracks with Mick Pini. I hope, a new Mick Pini CD will be released next year.
April 2018
During my Zurich-time years ago female vocalist Jessie gave me a CD as a present: vocal records she did on her own, just her voice, no accompaniment. I could do with it, what ever I want, she said. This is the first song I made out of it – „Loverboy“. May be one or two with Jessie’s beautiful voice will follow.